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Tahoe 2007

The 2007 Tahoe has a five-star rating in safety. The 2007 Tahoe comes in Nine different colors, which are black, blue, gray, dark green, goldmist, red, silver, amber bronze, and white. This car has six safety features. The safety features includes front air bags with passenger sensing system, side air bags, StabiliTrak, antilock brake system, driver information center, and OnStar. The StabiliTrak Stability Control System improves the stabliity of the 2007 Tahoe, usually in emergency maneuvers. The driver information center helps to keep you in the know about various functions of your vehicle. Last but not least, OnStar is a helpful in-vehicle safety and security system. The 2007 Tahoe is a great family car with great safety features, great leather interior, and a lot of room.

Good Cars
  • 2007 Tahoe
  • 2007 Yukon
  • 2006 Sequoia
  • 2006 Expedition
Caring for Car
  1. Clean
  2. Care for the Interior
  3. Change Oil
  4. Air in Tires
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Written by Kelsey