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Converse vs. Vans

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Vans and Converse are both brands of shoes. Vans and Converses have many similarities but the also both have many differences. Both brands come in many different colors and patterns. They also both come in many different styles. For example, they both come in slip-ons, lace-ups, and boots. Also both Converse and Vans make shoes for many different activities. For example, Converse makes shoes for Basketball and Cheerleading. Vans make shoes for surfing, skating, skateboarding, BMX, Moto X, and Snowboarding. Last but not least, they both make casual shoes. Some differences between Vans and Converse are sizing and pricing. The Converse sizes are smaller than the actual street shoe you wear. The pricing between Vans and Converse is also different. Converses are more expensive than Vans. Those are just some of the similarities and differences between vans and Converse.

Converse and Vans
First SimilarityBoth come in Solid colors and Patterns
Second SimilarityBoth come in a slip-on
Fourth SimilarityCan customize your own shoes
Fifth SimilaritySell Apparel

Converse and Vans
First DifferenceVans are made for skateboarding, surfing, BMX, Moto X, skating and boots for snowboarding.
Second DifferenceConverse makes casual shoes and shoes for basketball and cheerleading.
Third DifferenceSizing
Fourth DifferencePrice. Vans are cheaper than Converse.

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Written by Kelsey