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Vans\ Converse vs. Vans \ Converse

Vans are a brand of shoes that is made for many different people. Vans make shoes for surfing, skating, skateboarding, BMX, Moto X and casual. These shoes come in many different styles, colors, patterns, and material. Vans make slip-ons, lace-ups, and sandals. They make shoes for men, women, boys, girls, and toddlers. Although Vans is a shoe store, they also sell clothing for both men and women. Some patterns that some Vans come in are checkerboard (pink, red, black, navy, pink/black, and tan/brown), skulls, polka dots (multi-color, black, and pink), American flag, elephants, stripes, and many others. Vans also come in solid colors. Some of the solid colors they come in are hot pink, red, navy, baby blue, light pink, white, orange, green, black, brown, yellow, gray, tan, dark green, purple, light purple and light grey. If you go to CUSTOMIZE VANS, you can customize your own shoes.
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Written by Kelsey