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The Theater Club has been putting on many plays for a very long time. This years Theater Club has performed Romeo and Juliet, Peter Pan, and Annie. Now they are getting ready to put on a new play. They are going to perform Hairspray, July 28-30. The Theater Club guarantees that your night will be filled with fun and excitement. If you would like to see who is performing in this play click on Upcoming Play. Also, if you are in Hairspray and need to contact someone click on Members. If you would like to buy tickets to Hairspray you can e-mail Becca Hensley or Joe River. We would love to have you at our performance. If you would like to join the Theater Club, so you can help in the next play, e-mail Becca Hensley. The Theater Club is a great after school activity filled with fun and great people.You can meet a lot of new friends while have a lot of fun.